Life of a Bank Clerk

Now, the basic questions comes into the mind is about the life style of Bank Clerk.  How would be the life of a Bank Clerk.

Now, coming to the question on how would be the life of a bank clerk.  The first thing I would like to say that is that getting a government job is itself a big challenging thing in this competitive world.  The first mile stone that you have already achieved.

Now, coming to the office timing of bank which is confined to 10 AM to 4 PM i.e. 6 hours of jobs.  but being a clerk you are required to come to branch premise 30 minutes before and once the cash is closed on 4 PM.  You are required to tally the cash and once cash is tallied you could leave the branch premise, so it would take another half an hour on an average.  So, basically bank clerk is coming to office by 9:30 Am and leaving branch by 4:30 PM i.e. 7 hours of job.  Sometime it would take to 5PM. 6PM and very rare 7 PM.

The biggest advantage that I would like to add is the only responsibility of cash and except that no other responsibility so we could say responsibility is very limited.  Clerk has only to take care of cash and has no responsibility of other things like Loan, recovery, account opening and many others.

After 5 PM clerk is free to do any of his/her work.  Bank clerk gets enough time to prepare for other competitive exams.

If any one recruited as clerk could get promoted to officer scale 1 in a span of just 3 years and in BOB [Bank of Baroda], highly qualified person could get promoted in just 1 year.

You will be the initial salary of Rs 25000 which is a decent start.   Now, you are earning money and also time to study for further preparation of competitive exams.

The probation period of clerk is 6 Months and after that clerk would be confirmed employee of the bank.

Bank Clerk is entitled for the Newspaper and in some bank fuel Allowance is also given.

If any Bank clerk gets admitted to the hospital, here bank will pay the money under the hospitalization scheme.

Overall I could say the life of bank Clerk is awesome and excellent.



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