Life of a Bank PO

Hello students, I would like to share you the facts of the life of a Bank Po.  How exactly is the life of a Bank Po.

My name is Siddhartha Sinha and I cracked 11 different Bank PO Exams and finally joined in State Bank as a PO Probationary Officer in 2010.

Now, my journey begins with joining as a  PO in State Bank.  My first posting was in Hyderabad city which was very good as I was living in metro and luckly I got the flat also from the Bank side.  I was very pleasant for me as I was doing my 1st Government Job in my life.  Morning 9:30 AM I have to be present in the Branch Premises and I used left home by 7:30 PM on an average.  My Branch Manager was Chief Manager and I was very cordial for him and he always support me for doing work  he trusts lot on me.  So, here I never found any kind of disturbances or obstacles from my senior and all are very helpful in nature.

Now, My Second posting was in Rural Areas which means I have to serve Rural Posting.  My Rural branch was 25 km from Nalgonda city which is in Telangana 70km ahead from Hyderabad.  I used to Reach branch by 9.30AM and used to left branch by 5 PM.  What i was missing the Metro life.  I was living in Nalgonda city which was 25 kms from my Rural Branch.  Here also my boss was very Supportive in nature.

My 3rd posting was in Nalgonda Main Branch.  It was easy for me as I was living in the same city.  My boss was of arrogant in nature and speaks very rough language. Except him every staff was very good.

My 4th posting was again in Hyderabad and it was also good as every one was supportive in nature.

Now, if you ask about the life of a Bank PO.  This was my First job as I never worked in Government Job before.  Offcourse I like the job and also every staff is supportive in nature.  I donot have any complains about the Job as getting a Government Job is also not very easy it requires lot of effort and I was very satisfied with the job.  I am getting the Good Salary and Perks and most important is the Respect in the society.  Only on few occasions I used to come late in the night otherwise it timing of coming home was basically 7:30 PM.  So, overall Bank PO job is an Excellent one.

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