Life of Bank Clerk

In this post we will be discussing on the lifestyle of the bank clerk. First of all getting a government job in India is a very difficult task. Once you get the job then the real problem starts.

The biggest advantage of bank clerk is that Bank clerk is coming to the office by 9:45 a.m. in the morning and leaves branches by 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. In the evening. All those employees who are working as a bank clerk get the advantage of a spending time in the evening with their family members. This is one of the biggest advantage as a clerk.

Also in the society the image of bankers is very good it doesn’t matter whether you are a bank clerk or bank officer. Working as a bank clerk in the bank helps in image branding of the person in the society which is another advantage of being a clerk.

Starting salary of bank clerk is also good one. Now salary has increased tremendously from its previous salary what the clerk was getting.

One more advantage of the bank clerk is that place of posting. Bank clerk will be posted only in its state. So if a person from Tamilnadu knows only Tamil and he will be posted only in Tamilnadu so there will be no problem of language. Transfer posting could be made only within the state.

Now I will speak of some of its demerits. Here Bank Clerk is not going to get any kind of allowances example house leased accommodation, fuel allowance, newspaper allowance and others.

There is one more demerit is in the sense of transfer of posting. If any clerk is placed in rural area which is disconnected from the city say 5 km. Now the clerk is required to live near by city which will be of 25 kilometer in distance. This is because in the rural areas bank clerk will not be able to find good School, good Hospital and good infrastructure. Which is more true for those who are married person.

If any clerk wants to become an officer, that bank clerk is required to give promotional exam. Those successful Bank Clerks who qualify the bank promotion exam will become bank officer.

So, overall life of Bank Clerk is very good as there is no pressure of work job, just required to do daily routine jobs.

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