NEET Biology Sample Question Paper

Which of the following cell organelles is present in the highest number in secretory cells?
(1) Mitochondria
(2) Golgi complex
(3) Endoplasmic reticulum
(4) Lysosomes
Ans (2)

2. Non-membranous nucleoplasmic structures in nucleus are the site for active synthesis of
(1) protein synthesis
(2) mRNA
(3) rRNA
(4) tRNA
Ans (3)

3. Which of the following nucleic acids is present in an organism having 70 S ribosomes only?
(1) Single stranded DNA with protein coat
(2) Double stranded circular naked DNA
(3) Double stranded DNA enclosed in nuclear membrane
(4) Double stranded circular DNA with histone proteins
Ans (2)

4. After meiosis I, the resultant daughter cells have
(1) same amount of DNA as in the parent cell in S phase.
(2) twice the amount of DNA in comparison to haploid gamete.
(3) same amount of DNA in comparison to haploid gamete
(4) four times the amount of DNA in comparison to haploid gamete
Ans (2)

5. Which of the following organic compounds is the main constituent of Lecithin?
(1) Arachidonic acid
(2) Phospholipid
(3) Cholesterol
(4) Phosphoprotein
Ans (2)

6. The main difference between active and passive transport across cell membrane is :
(1) passive transport is non-selective whereas active transport is selective.
(2) passive transport requires a concentration gradient across a biological membrane whereas active transport requires energy to move solutes.
(3) passive transport is confined to anionic carrier proteins whereas active transport is confined to cationic channel proteins.
(4) active transport occurs more rapidly than passive transport.
Ans (2)

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