SBI Clerk Inter State Transfer

There is one question which comes into the mind very curiously that is there any kind of inter circle transfer or inter state transfer? When any candidate joins as a clerk in State Bank of India SBI then this question comes into the mind about is there any possibility of inter circle transfer for inter state transfer.

Let us suppose a candidate belonging to Bihar who formed the application form from Karnataka and got selected in Karnataka circle of State Bank of India SBI. So this basically means the candidate belonging from the Bihar is required to join in the Karnataka state. If the candidate thinking of changing the inter circle for interstate circle while in the probation period of clerk which is not possible at all. So one should keep this thing in mind there is no inter circle or inter state transfer allowed. So you must very precisely fill your Application form from which state you want to apply. If you are thinking that you get a job in some another state due to the low cutoff marks over there and after that you could have a transfer to back to your home state which is not possible. Interstate circle transfer is allowed only after successful completion of 5 years in case of clerical cadre. Also it is not so easily that if you applied today you will get transferred tomorrow it could take time 5 years 7 years or even 10 years also

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